DC Power Jack Connector for HP Pavilion: ZV6000 Series, ZD8000 Series, NX9600


New Replacement DC Power Jack for HP Pavilion and Business Notebooks Laptops!

HP ZV6000 Series: zv6000 CTO, zv6000, zv6001XX, zv6002XX, zv6003XX, zv6004EA, zv6004XX, zv6005US, zv6006EA, zv6007US, zv6008CL, zv6009EA, zv6009US, zv6010EA, zv6010US, zv6011EA, zv6013EA, zv6015US, zv6017EA, zv6020EA, zv6024EA, zv6025EA, zv6026EA, zv6027EA, zv6028EA, zv6029EA, zv6061EA, zv6062EA, zv6064EA, zv6065EA, zv6066EA, zv6067EA, zv6068EA, zv6069EA, zv6090EA, zv6100 CTO, zv6100, zv6107WM, zv6114EA, zv6115EA, zv6116EA, zv6117EA, zv6118EA, zv6120EA, zv6123CL, zv6125CL, zv6126EA, zv6127EA, zv6128EA, zv6129EA, zv6130EA, zv6130US, zv6131EA, zv6131US, zv6147EA, zv6148EA, zv6149EA, zv6150EA, zv6151EA, zv6152EA, zv6153EA, zv6156EA, zv6158EA, zv6159EA, zv6170CA, zv6170US, zv6174EA, zv6179EA, zv6180EA, zv6181EA, zv6195EA, zv6196EA, zv6201CL, zv6201EA, zv6203CL, zv6209US, zv6211EA, zv6212EA, zv6213EA, zv6214EA, zv6215EA, zv6216EA, zv6217EA, zv6218EA, zv6220EA, zv6223CL, zv6230CA, zv6233NR, zv6242EA, zv6243EA, zv6244EA, zv6245EA, zv6246EA, zv6247EA, zv6248EA, zv6249EA, zv6250EA, zv6251EA, zv6252EA, zv6253EA, zv6254EA, zv6255EA, zv6270CA, zv6270US, zv6273EA, zv6274EA, zv6275EA, zv6276EA, zv6278EA, zv6279EA, zv6295EA, zv6296EA, zv6302US

HP ZD8000 Series: zd8000 CTO, zd8001AP, zd8001XX, zd8002AP, zd8002XX, zd8003AP, zd8003XX, zd8004AP, zd8004XX, zd8005AP, zd8007EA, zd8008EA, zd8009EA, zd8010EA, zd8010XX, zd8011XX, zd8015EA, zd8017EA, zd8019EA, zd8020EA, zd8030EA, zd8043EA, zd8044EA, zd8045EA, zd8047EA, zd8048EA, zd8050EA, zd8050LA, zd8050XX, zd8051EA, zd8052EA, zd8053EA, zd8054EA, zd8055US, zd8060CA, zd8060US, zd8070EA, zd8072EA, zd8075EA, zd8076EA, zd8077EA, zd8078EA, zd8079EA, zd8080EA, zd8080us, zd8100 CTO, zd8105CA, zd8105EA, zd8110EA, zd8110US, zd8112EA, zd8115EA, zd8115US, zd8120CL, zd8120EA, zd8122EA, zd8123EA, zd8124EA, zd8125CL, zd8125EA, zd8126EA, zd8127EA, zd8129EA, zd8130EA, zd8135EA, zd8139EA, zd8147EA, zd8148EA, zd8150EA, zd8151EA, zd8155EA, zd8156EA, zd8157EA, zd8158EA, zd8159EA, zd8160EA, zd8162EA, zd8179EA, zd8180EA, zd8181EA, zd8182EA, zd8183EA, zd8184EA, zd8185EA, zd82xxus, zd8200 CTO, zd8201AP, zd8202AP, zd8203AP, zd8204AP, zd8205TU, zd8205US, zd8210CA, zd8214EA, zd8215US, zd8217EA, zd8218EA, zd8219EA, zd8220us, zd8223EA, zd8224EA, zd8225CA, zd8225EA, zd8226EA, zd8227EA, zd8228EA, zd8229EA, zd8230EA, zd8230us, zd8231EA, zd8234EA, zd8235EA, zd8237EA, zd8238EA, zd8239EA, zd8245EA, zd8250LA, zd8251EA, zd8252EA, zd8253EA, zd8254EA, zd8255EA, zd8256EA, zd8270EA, zd8280EA, zd8289EA, zd8290EA, zd8291EA, zd8301EA, zd8302EA, zd8303EA, zd8304EA, zd8305EA, zd8306EA, zd8307EA, zd8308EA, zd8315CA, zd8315EA, zd8316EA, zd8317EA, zd8318EA, zd8319EA, zd8320EA, zd8323EA, zd8325EA, zd8333CL, zd8342EA, zd8350LA, zd8367EA, zd8368EA, zd8369EA, zd8388EA, zd8389EA, zd8390EA, zd8398EA, zd8399EA, zd8399xx, zd8401EA, zd8410EA, zd8430CA, zd8460EA, zd8480EA, zd8490EA

HP/Compaq Business Notebook: NX9600 Series


Please be advised that the above list is provided as a suggested list of compatible models. It does not guarantee that the item will fit the model you have regardless of being in the list. The only way for you to know what you need for sure is to compare what you have to the images we provide. Match the pin configuration and verify the center pin size you have. By purchasing this item you acknowledge that you accept full responsibility for your purchase and use of this product regardless of ANY outcome.

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